The Solar System Mod v0.7.1 [1.2.5]

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Uranus while holding Alien Sword

Aliens, now holding Alien Swords as of 0.7.1 (on Jupiter!)

Alien drops Alien Gems!

Alien Sword and alien gem!

The Solar System Mod

This is will be my biggest mod and the most complicated. Hope you like it!

The Mod

The Solar System Mod currently adds 6 planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. The mod is in Beta, so it’s far from being complete. Mercury is a place with no living creatures. Lava flows from under cracks. The same with Venus, because they are both incredibly hot. Mercury is tan, I changed the texture as of v0.5, and Venus is orange(see pictures).

Mars is cooler than Earth, so there is no lava. Mars is reddish, no living creatures.

Jupiter is like Mars, but more orange-reddish.

Saturn is mostly plain and is golden.

Uranus is sky blue and ice is beneath the surface.

All planets are made out of their own material. Ex. Mars is made of Mars Rock

You can get to to the planets by crafting the portals. Here they are:





D for All: Diamond

X for Mercury: Gold Ingot

X For Venus: Netherrack

X for Mars: Netherbrick

X for Jupiter: Brick(need ideas!)

X for Saturn: Glowstone

X for Uranus: Iron Ingot

Place the portal block on the ground and step into it. Wait for a few seconds and you’ll be on your way to outer space!


Aliens now spawn naturally! Fixed as of v0.7.1. Notice, you won’t find them commonly, they spawn on Easy+, and at night.

Aliens are quite strong and deal a decent amount of damage. But then again, they drop Alien Gems, which can be crafted into legendary Alien Swords. They have 1000 uses and can one hit kill any animal. Aliens hold Alien Swords as of v0.7.1!


  • Drag and drop into minecraft.jar
  • You must install ModLoader and PudelHund’s Dimension API first
  • Dimension API:

Additional Details

Progress: 30% complete

Credit to: felixmc from planetminecraft

Download The Solar System Mod v0.7.1 for Minecraft 1.2.5:

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